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MEL HANNAN, Owner & Pet Care Specialist

Hi! My name is Mel!

I grew up in Richmond, graduated from Collegiate and then Auburn University, and have lived in Atlanta and South Florida. I returned to Richmond 20 years ago and truly am happy to be back. In my spare time I volunteer with local organizations in order to give back to this community that I love!

My love of animals has been strong throughout my life. My family has always had pets (cats, dogs, fish) thereby fostering my love of animals. Early on I showed an interest in horses and riding. I was fortunate to learn to ride (both English and Western) and have been riding horses for 28 years. To me, animals make a family complete! I always cared for a variety of friends' pets - birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs (small and large), fish, and cats. I have always wanted to transition into a career where I could work with animals. Leash & Lead is the fruition of that dream and I am so happy to be able to fulfill this need in Richmond.

I am the proud pet parent of a three year-old German Shepherd and a two year-old Border Collie. Being young they definitely keep me busy! Not to mention both being incredibly intelligent I am definitely outnumbered. From puppy to senior, and all the issues in-between, as well as socialization, rehabilitating behavior issues and developing handi-capable dogs into well-adjusted pets, I have it covered! I believe that education and training never ends and working with pet and owner will create a successful and happy relationship for both.

I am American Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid.

Questions for me? Send me an email at mel@leashandlead.com

CRAN DAVIS, Pet Care Specialist

Hi!  My name is Cran!  

I grew up in Alabama and moved to Richmond after graduating from the University of Alabama with my MBA.  I love football season and cheering on the Crimson Tide!

Dixie, my 15 year old Labrador retriever, has brought so much happiness to my life!  Our journey together has included competing in dog agility and volunteering as a therapy dog team.  In my spare time, I am a puppy raiser and sitter with Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  It is so rewarding to help the pups blossom and learn their way in the world so they are prepared for the formal guide dog training program.  I’m thrilled that the last puppy I raised is in harness training right now to be a working guide dog. 

I have loved getting involved in the community through my many years in the Junior League of Richmond, where I have served on the Board of Directors.  My professional career is in project management; I’m adept Scrum and Agile practices.  I enjoy driving change and process improvement in the corporate world.


Questions for me? Reach me at contact@leashandlead.com


Mel with 'Leash & Lead!' is great with dogs and all animals. My pup is a big fan. I'm sure your critters would love her!


                                                                               - Meredith J.



We used Leash & Lead when we traveled over Thanksgiving weekend and could not have been more pleased. They took great care of both our lab puppy and our older dog. It was awesome knowing the dogs were in good hands while we were away.

                                                                                - Bill W.

If you are looking for a pet sitter who will love your pet(s) like you do...Leash & Lead is the right place to call.


                                                                               - Patricia H.