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Coverage Area:

We cover Metro Richmond - West End, Southside, Richmond and surrounding areas. If your area is not listed just ask; exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Meet & Greet:

  • We schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet appointment to meet with you and your pet
  • We go over your pet's routine, feeding, medications, schedules, likes, and dislikes in order to take the best possible care of your pet. This meeting also gives us a chance to know you, what you would like us to provide for your pet, and understand your preferences
  • We arrange dates, times, and lengths of upcoming visits
  • We adjust visit frequency based upon your or your pet's needs


Pet Caregivers:

Our Pet Specialists are carefully vetted, background checked, and experienced. Their bios and pics are available on the website (LeashandLead.com). Specialists are assigned based upon client needs and locations. There may be more than one specialist caring for your pet but all are introduced to your pet and all needs are reviewed in your home.


You have the option to meet your Specialist should you so require. Please contact us to arrange a Meet & Greet with your Specialist. Our goal is for you to be comfortable with anyone that cares for your pet.



We offer visits in increments of 15 minutes (15, 30, 45, or 60). Longer visits are available as well. These are applicable to daily Dog Walks, Potty Breaks, and Vacation Visits. Additional services include Pet Taxi, Adventure Walks, Socialization Excursions, and Dog Park Visits.


Visit Follow-Up:

We would be happy to send emails, texts or photos during your pet's visit so you can see your pet or hear how they are doing. Your preferences will be discussed in the initial Meet & Greet.


Visit Times:

In general, daily visits (walks, dog adventures, socialization excursions) will be scheduled during the hours of 11 am - 4 pm. In special cases, exceptions may be made.  Vacation visits will be scheduled between 8 am - 10 pm and are based upon pet needs.



We do not have any breed restrictions. We love all pets, big and small!


Pets with Behavioral Issues:

We will discuss the behavior issue in detail during the consultation, your goals for your pet, and any potential hot buttons. If we don't feel we are the best fit for helping you with your pet we will be happy to refer you to another pet caregiver or trainer.


Medical Emergencies:

Should an emergency arise where your pet requires medical attention we will contact you immediately for instructions. We also require your vet information to be on file in order to expedite them getting medical attention from their personal vet and an emergency clinic in case of after-hours needs.


Cancellation or Last-Minute Scheduling Fees:

Cancellation fees for any service are applicable if you fail to provide us with 24 hours notice. Refunds are not issued for early returns home or holidays.


Leash & Lead will try our best to accommodate any last minute scheduling. We highly encourage you to plan as far in advance as possible - there is no guarantee we’ll be available, but we try to accommodate all requests.


Payment Process:

Leash & Lead will email a confirmation and invoice prior to your departure date (for vacations) or the weekend before (daily Dog Walks). Payment is required by the first visit. You may leave a check or cash for the Specialist (made out to Leash & Lead) or pay by credit card or checking account through Venmo (online or App available on iTunes or Google Apps).


Accepted Forms of Payments:

Checks, cash, or credit cards via Venmo. We require all clients to maintain a current credit card on file to secure payment.


Contact Us:

Contact us via our online form, phone - 804.747.PETS, or email - contact@leashandlead.com